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Kayla Koeune Art

Colorado Hairstreak

Colorado Hairstreak

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5x7 Watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord Panel

Ive wanted to paint one of these beauties for a long time.

"The story of the Colorado Hairstreak, Colorado’s state insect, began with a Fourth Grade Teacher in Aurora. Melinda Terry led her fourth grade class at Wheeling Elementary to the state legislature and insisted that this beautiful insect become an official symbol of the state. Their efforts spread across fourth grade classes in Colorado, and eventually, this butterfly overcame challenges to the state insect title, including a suggestion that the honeybee would be a better candidate. The Colorado Senate Bill 96-122 was passed and in 1996 and Colorado became the 37th state to officially declare a state insect - Hypauurotis chrysalis, the Colorado Hairstreak." (

Like all my art this is part of my art for good project and a percentage of the proceeds go to the Pollinator Partnership. I chose this organization for this painting as I was inspired by my friends give back project with Moth and Myth.

(Pollinator Partnership works with diverse stakeholders representing various perspectives with the goal of creating positive change for pollinators. We work with farmers, gardeners, land managers, scientists, and industry to develop tools and programs that help keep pollinators safe from pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, and other threats.)

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