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Kayla Koeune Art

Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest

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Pacific Northwest

18x24 inch Original Oil on Canvas, this piece is based on the imagery from Olympic National Park.

We are all of us searching for something, and maybe you are one of the lucky ones who have found it. I have spent my life with the world screaming in my head to go further, feel everything, see it all, go and be free in the wild… A wild child destined to roam fully with excitement, enthusiasm, and motivated but at the same time a terrified, infuriating mess. I think in a way this painting is more than just a landscape it’s a part of who I am. The path goes endlessly on, and we keep walking, for it’s the only thing we can do. The mist playing memories in my mind, and the trees holding them, to visit the forest alone is to visit your past and present all at once. Life can be dark, and if you let it, it can get you down on yourself. If we only keep our heads to the horizon, even if it is not clearly in view, and keep moving forward the light always finds a way to trickle through, speaking to our resilience as humans. Life is all around, dying, starting, and becoming something new showing us there is always room for forgiveness and different beginnings. Maybe I’m putting a lot in a painting, maybe it is just a path into the beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest, but that’s what it made me feel when I was painting it.

As a part of my #artforgood project a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this piece will put money toward the Pollinator Project.

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